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Flexible Plans

May 20, 2010

Ideally, we would all have a vision in place for our lives and a direct route in how to get there.  In this utopia, we would always make corrections to the route in order to stay on track with our end goal.

But we all live outside that heavenly place.  For many people life is foggy, we have this vague sense of what we want to do in life.  For others the vision is not the hard part but its creating concrete plans on how to get there.  One thing that I have seen in myself and in others though is that once we get our vision and plans set in place we can become inflexible.

Andy Stanley, a prominent pastor and speaker says, “Plans change; visions remain the same.”

This is difficult to take in if you really think about it.  We all think we have great ideas, ones that are worth patenting.  It is totally backwards but we can get caught up loving our plans more than our vision, the end goal.

Stanley continues, “Every good coach goes into the game with a strategy, a plan.  But every good coach is willing to scrap his specific plan in order to win.  The goal is to win, not to run a specific play.”

So what is your goal? Your vision statement answers the question, “Where do I want to go?” Almost every business I have come across has a vision statement.  Even Dairy Queen has a vision statement, to be “the world’s favorite quick service restaurant.”

To lead intentional lives we too need a vision statement.  I challenge you to develop a vision for your life, something inspiring but cogent.  Developing and then holding tight to your vision will help shed light on future steps.  Throw yourself into your vision and be flexible with your tentative plans and cool ideas.  You will stress less and people at  work will like you more.

Speaking of concrete plans

Quotes from Next Generation Leader by Andy Stanley

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