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discontentment to leadership

September 21, 2010

We need to look at discontentment with fresh eyes.  When I typically think about the word it conjures up negativity, it’s what brings people into my office for counseling.  Without the proper context, discontentment can come off to others as one being ungrateful for what has been given to them.  Yet Dr. Dan Allender sees discontentment as fertile soil for leadership.

Most leaders had no intention or desire to lead: instead they were thrown into the mess by being discontent.  If they had been willing to endure life as it was then they would never have become leaders.

Discontentment can be the starting blocks to real growth in a person.  To be troubled about something can bring about an inner drive to want to see something different.  Whether you want to help people, invent something, start a business or ministry, take a look at where you are discontent and you may just find fertile soil for significant change and leadership.

quote from Dan Allender, Leading With A Limp , pg 58

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