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“Live Your Story” Series

January 13, 2011

Each new year allows us time to dream.  We close our eyes and imagine us walking around different, better.  We want more: more laughter, more friends, more romance, more time.  And we also want less: less drama, less fat, less pain and less worry.

But for most of us, we allow those dreams to slowly die.  Either we think the cost is too high,  the work too long or the pay off just isn’t enough.  Therapist and author, Dan Allender, writes on this subject, “Dreams can quickly become fantasies if we refuse to risk and bleed for our future.”.

But there are tons of people around us risking and bleeding for their passions and I want to spend some time pursuing them.  I have five questions for them that will hopefully give some insight into motivation, story, and the journey pains of worthwhile pursuits.  Their stories have the capabilities of becoming our stories.  Each person has a unique outlook on life that will give us a different perspective on how life is lived.  Stories are meant to be told, shared, and valued.  So this is the kick off to telling stories from everyday people trying to live in extraordinary ways.  Allow their stories a chance to become a part of your story.

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