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the process of things

February 28, 2011

In our hectic lives we can become enamored by results instead of valuing  the process of things. Within my counseling, I see my fair share of impatient clients. These clients aren’t necessarily interested in the process of connecting or pursuing health, they just want the final outcome.  They want to skip the pain and the journey and just teleport to a better place. I can’t say I  blame them, who wants to sit in pain for months on end? 

But not valuing the process means missing the boat altogether because the process is the result. I like what Joseph Myers (Organic Community) said about naturally forming communities and I think it applies well in the  counseling context.

organic community is not a product, not an end result. Organic community- belonging-  is a process, a conversation, a jazz piece and elegant dance.  It is not the product of belonging we are looking for. It is the process of belonging that we long for.

The view from the top of Everest is just a postcard view if you didn’t have to climb the north face of the mountain.  The pride of that feat comes with the climb. And so whatever we do in life, the arduous process reveals and refines our character in a way that becomes the rewarding results. 

Enjoy the process of things.  To chase results is to chase the wind.  There is no finished product.

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