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Monday’s, “Live Your Story” Series- Tim Fleenor

March 7, 2011

There comes a time in all of our lives when a change has to be made.  There is just too much stress, too much aimlessness, too much isolation.  It is in those decisions that we realize what we value and what we want to hold on to in our lives.  We are frustrated to no end but we still grasp for security to regain our balance, we look to comfort to ease our racing mind.  I am not saying security and comfort are always bad, but they sure aren’t always good.  Those two can work in tandem as a barrier that won’t allow the freedom of love to be exercised or the process of creativity to truly be expressed.  We need to shed our security blankets.

Enter Tim Fleenor.  Tim just quit his full-time job to pursue his passion and talent of photography.  It was a huge move for Tim and his wife, Jodi.  The move is risky, its open-ended.  Yet, Tim moves forward with a confidence not only in his work but also in his decision and direction.  Meet a good friend, Tim.



Tim Fleenor


Kansas City, Mo






1. Name a person, book, and moment that served as a catalyst for the pursuit of your passion?

It is really hard to pin down a single person, book or moment that really inspired me to pursue my passion for photography. I grew up with such a support group in my life that I feel like everyone served as inspiration. From my high school photography club sponsor who showed me that photography can be fun to my wife who has been 100% supportive in every decision I have made. My family, in general, has probably been the biggest supporter of my passion. My wife, my sisters, my sister and brother-in-laws and parents, have all done something to help me along the way. They have all sent people my way who needed pictures and they all to this day support everything I do.

2. What risks did you have to take along the way and how did they interact with your fears?

Since I started my “business” I have always had another source of income. I always called photography my “2nd full-time job.” The biggest risk for me would be to take my passion and make it my life. My main job was something that I really didn’t like, but knowing that every 2 weeks would be a paycheck was a very comforting feeling. I always said that when the time was right I would make photography my job, but I knew that the time would never be right. My biggest fear was to fail, to not be able to support my family. When I worked 2 jobs it was easy to support above and beyond, but the thought of having to find work to cover my income scared the crap out of me. I knew it would be something I had to deal with eventually, but I thought I would be able to put it off for a while…to hear the rest of the story read the next question.

3. What was the biggest and most unexpected pain (a blind side moment) in your journey? How has it changed you and your process?

A blind side doesn’t even begin to express how this story felt. Let me go back a little. At the end of last year my wife and I were feeling very comfortable financially and we finally able to purchase a house. This is something we had wanted for well over a year, and with photography we were finally able to do it. In November we became homeowners and began to feel the financial difference owning a home had. Fast forward to February…My boss at my full-time job asks if a coworker (The only other worker at the company) and I would like to go to lunch. This was not unusual for him to ask us, so we didn’t think anything of it. At this lunch he pretty much tells us that we have to be let go. WOW. I really wasn’t expecting that. He told us that we should file for unemployment ASAP (which I couldn’t get because of owning a business) and he was sorry. At this moment I knew what I had to do. I do to tackle photography head on. I knew that God was kicking me in the butt and saying that it’s time. On the way home that night I remember asking God if this is what I am supposed to do and right away I knew he was with me. Even as I type this I can feel his hand on my heart. It is a feeling beyond words and I know this is what I am supposed to do. I know he will take care of me and I know that it was my time to go. Did I answer the question?? My process? Yeah, I would say it changed about as much as it could have.

4. What has been the most joyful part of your journey that needs to be celebrated?

I think the thing that I celebrate most is the fact that I am actually doing what I love. I know it is going to be hard and I know the journey ahead is going to be a tough road, but I am nothing but excited for it! Every time I talk to a delighted client who has just received their pictures I get more and more excited to do my job. I seriously have the best clients in the world and I love meeting new people everyday. This job was the reason I was put on this earth and I truly believe that.

5. What is a question that you don’t get asked but wish you would? Answer your desired question.

I feel like I have been asked every question. I guess the question would be what inspires me? The answer to that would be everything. I love to walk around and just look at my surroundings. I do however follow some of my favorite photographers blogs and websites. Looking at other photographers is a way to grow as an artist. Not because you copy what they do, but you can take ideas from them and turn them into you own. I get inspired my amazing artists and I am so grateful to be able to watch them and grow in my craft because of them.


Check out Tim’s work on his website !



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