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how can i afford that?

March 10, 2011

Lately, I have been thinking about an approach to life that Robert Kiyosaki mentioned in one his Rich Dad, Poor Dad books.  He made an interesting observation about a simple statement both you and I have said plenty of times… “I can’t afford that.” Depending on the month and year we are hard pressed to afford the things we would like- whether it’s a house in your dream city or just a couple gallons of gas.  His observation about that statement is that once we utter those words we tell our brains to turn off.  Our “financial intelligence” doesn’t grow but instead becomes weaker, in fact, lazy.  Yet, when faced with the same scenario, if we can respond with the question, “How can I afford that?” our brains turn on and start working for us.  My point isn’t money here.   It’s about the importance of allowing our minds to work and create for us on a regular basis.

Andy Stanley touched on an aspect of a creative mind (and leader) in his book, Next Generation Leader. He said that its difficult to brainstorm what we want without how coming in and snuffing out the ideas.  So many avenues of opportunity pass us by simply because we have grown accustomed to turning off our creative minds prematurely.   We need to not only allow are brains to turn on and think but we need them to stay on for the full duration of creative thought.  Sounds elementary but practicality demands a lot of room and pushes its way around.  So when you are dreaming about what to do next in life or simply trying to love the annoying guy in the next office over- strengthen your creative mind first by giving yourself time to freely brainstorm before you allow some of the realities of life into the mix.

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