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New LGBT Study

April 11, 2011

A new study is out by the Williams Institute (part of UCLA Law School) that puts statistical numbers to how many Americans identify themselves as either lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, or transgendered.

According to Medical News Today who reported on the study, 3.5 % identify themselves as either gay or lesbian while .03 are estimated to be transgendered. That suggests there are approximately 9 million Americans who identify as LGBT, roughly the population of New Jersey.  There was only .01% difference between the amount who considered themselves lesbian (1.8%) and those who identified as gay (1.7%). 

Approximately 8.2% of  Americans have engaged in same-sex behavior while 11% say at some point they have had some kind of same sex attraction. 

Most statistics around sexual orientation are lined with biases, whether from conservative or liberal based groups.  These numbers seem to claim the middle ground of what others studies show. 

 Not only is this an interesting sociological study but it also serves as a good reminder.  No matter your cultural or theological grid it is important to lead thoughtful lives that consider all people, not just those who exist in our small and specific bubbles.

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