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curious minds want to know

July 24, 2011

my wife is creative and so is her dad. they both have macgyver-esque minds.  when something breaks they find a pile of randomness and start collecting assorted pieces that somehow, some way work together.  they bring chaos into order.  i am drawn to that because fixing things and putting things together frustrates me the most.  it only takes a few minutes before i launch a wrench into my face and become foul and a quitter.  I have taken note that when i start getting nasty, my wife is calm and deep in thought.

i have this deep desire to create/re-create and i am learning something has to change within myself if i am going to author any type of creation.  i need to be more like my wife when she fixes things.

maybe the easy answer is i need more patience.  but as i dig deeper i notice i’m not a very curious person.  sure, i get curious when it comes to relationships and counseling but not for most other things.  i don’t really care what is wrong with my car, i just want it fixed.  i don’t want to actually learn how to play the guitar, i just want to jam out to The Decemberists.  i prefer results so i can get on with my life.

i see curiosity being connected to creativity.  in fact, i believe curiosity births creativity.  it’s really difficult to create without inquisitiveness, a pursuit for process, not solely results.

its not just in the creation and care of things where we find curiosity key but also in how we love others.

love also demands curiosity.  to truly love we have to engage and pursue one another with a genuine curiosity.  relationships are ever-changing and call for meaningful engagement, a moving towards.  i think that is one reason people like therapy so much, they have a set aside time for someone to pursue them in a very tangible way that doesn’t look to control or judge.

no matter what we create, we need a genuine interest outside ourselves to be the driving force.

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