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Shiny Cities

August 6, 2011

Dan Allender speaks of a terrain in our lives that we won’t allow others to tread.

We have places within ourselves that are so very sensitive in nature.  It is our most vulnerable space that we build walls around.  Big walls of stone that ensure no one can climb.

We then plant trees around the walls which hide and disguise our reality and shame.  Then we build a shiny city 20 miles away to show off our skills and earn admiration of others.  We invite everyone to our city and we distract them with our big buildings and nice restaurants.  They compliment us on our shiny city and we say thank you.

Meanwhile, there are times when the explorer types wander off without a map and stumble through the forests and happen upon our walls.  We see them and become anxious.  Who knows, it could be friendly faces carrying supplies but it feels like an army ready to attack.   We try and run them off, whether by force or by some other measure.

Our anxiety lets us know when the wanderers are close.  The anxiety feels like death itself but it’s really not.   True death comes in the distraction.

The thing is, what we are protecting is what we genuinely want people to see and accept.  Its what we chain up and lock down which gives us the best material for substantial change.  There isn’t much in our shiny cities that will change us.  Our shiny cities are lifeless perceptions of who we want others to see we are.  There are too many cities, too many hollowed out versions of ourselves floating around.

The only way we can truly progress in life and faith is by allowing trusted souls into our gates.  They need to see the dirt, weeds and fungus growing in our courtyards.   We need to give people the chance to accept us.

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  1. August 8, 2011 12:58 pm

    Reminds me of a song by the Tedeschi Trucks Band called “simple things.”

    Verse 2 reads: So you’ve built these walls around you, to protect all that you own; You have kept out what’s important, How’s it feel to be all alone?

    Good post

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