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counseling isn’t just for the crazies

October 18, 2011

There is a stigma that comes with counseling.  It goes that if you see a therapist you must be really crazy or something in your life is shamefully broken.  I don’t agree with that at all.

Often times therapy can be a great way to gain more insight on your life and direction.  It can be a process that you use to reflect on how you do relationships and ways to make your life  more thoughtful and loving. 

In many ways, counseling is exploring and we do far to little of this in our world of amusement.  And sometimes that exploration dives into vulnerable depths (present within us all) that we don’t always feel secure sharing with our friends or family right off the bat.

Please know that counseling isn’t just for the crazies.  Counseling is also for the intentional, the humble, and those dissatisfied with the status-quo.  We are not meant to dive the depths of life alone.

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