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It is in the context of relationship that we become wounded, and it is in the context of relationship that we find healing.  Our approach to counseling is that of an existential and interpersonal process approach that focuses on the relationship between the client and therapist as it occurs in the moment of each session.   We see ourselves as fellow travelers with our clients working with them as they journey through their story.  We work to create a safe environment built on trust that is earned, so that the client can freely share themselves with us without the fear of judgment, abandonment, or scorn.  It is our hope that all of our clients feel unconditionally accepted and valued as human beings, no matter what they have done, what others have told them, or how they view themselves in their own mind. 

Once a working relationship is established we can then begin to look at the faulty relational strategies that have left the client dealing with the present problem that brought them into therapy (this may include, but is certainly not limited to depression, anxiety, eating disorders, marital struggles, etc).  By working together in a caring and unconditionally positive environment, we can consider how these relational strategies might be playing out in the client – therapist relationship.  This careful examination in a safe environment creates a new experience where the client can begin to learn how to employ a new way of relating to themselves and others so that their presenting problem no longer has them stifled in life.

This transformational experience gives the client a new understanding and greater clarity of how they can find the strength within themselves to deal with the difficulties in their story.  Finally, lasting change occurs when the client can apply this newfound experience in relationships outside of their relationship with me.  While each person’s story is different, the amount of time each person spends in therapy with me is also different.  By nature, I tend to view all therapy as a long-term endeavor, but that in no way inhibits individuals from experiencing positive change when a limited timeline is in play.

If you like to read and want to learn more about what you can expect in therapy, we encourage you to check out these books:

The Gift of Therapy

 by Irvin Yalom


Man’s Search for Himself

by Rollo May

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