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Matt Inman

Matt Inman, MA, LPC

Dallas Theological Seminary, MA Counseling

University of Missouri, BA  Edu. Counseling and Psychology

My aim and passion is to help people live betters stories and walk alongside them when they don’t.  I enjoy people and have always been more relationally centered opposed to task oriented.  I believe wounds heal in the context of a relationship and therefore enjoy connecting with people on that meaningful level.  I am fascinated with the interplay between counseling, culture, and spirituality.  For a decade I have devoted myself to the study of those three aspects and I have enjoyed every bit of it.  I also work within the field of substance abuse and find helping break the bonds of addictions rewarding.  I have spent time counseling and working in areas such as South Oak Cliff, Park Cities, and also Hollywood, CA.  I appreciate the unique cultural context we all come from and enjoy learning how we approach the difficult topics of life individually and corporately.

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